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> why illiquid

Arts, game design, software engineering, scientific research, writing… NFTs provide a way to invest in creatives who want to monetize their online audience by giving their backers full ownership.

We want every Creative Individual to thrive in their life’s adventure: pursuing what hasn’t been done before.

We help collectors and investors discover the best way to back their favourite creators.

We are laser focused on improving the NFT collector experience.

> product

We are building a product tackling the hardest and most interesting challenge in NFTs: Discovery.

Discovery of NFTs, discovery of prices, and ultimately and most importantly, discovery of creatives.

In the underground world of on chain mints and trades, discovery of NFTs and prices is a technological problem. We aim to solve it by building the first and best creator-centric NFT platform, starting across 3 chains (Ethereum, Bitcoin and Tezos) and over 15 different marketplaces. Anywhere creators are, we’ll be.

We set out to build a product where collectors could trust they would always find complete information about a Creator’s market. To maximize convenience in the illiquid user experience, aggregated buy features are in the works as well.

Discovery of creatives is a challenge never to be fully solved. An uncensorable financial system enables a technological meritocracy open to any creative or builder, no matter who they are, or where they are from. The question will always be: what’s next? Or more precisely: who’s next?

> team

We’re creating a group of crypto natives and code magicians with years of experience building some of the best crypto protocols and products. We’re looking to have fun and help shape the future of jpeg ownership. If you’re excited about what we’re building, please reach out to team[at] We promise an illiquid reply.

> what’s next

In many creative fields, discovery and curation have been controlled by a select few for long periods of time. Yet cryptocurrencies enable a network of incentivized strangers to curate in pure market competition for the first time. The time has come for the definitive, fundamental redefinition of the who.

Where will the hyper-financialization of creativity and the ultra volatility of the new productive economy take us next?

Follow us to discover — the journey will be illiquid.


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